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Smudge Organic Roll On Remedy

Do you need to clear the air? Do you dislike the smoke from sage and palo santo? Then Smudge Organic Aromatherapy Roll On Remedy is your new favorite product.

Set your intention. Shake well and roll on your wrists and bottoms of your feet. Enjoy your new balanced state.

I hand blend pure essential oils with an organic fractionated base and then ix into a beautiful recycled glass roll on bottle. Made with organic sage, palo santo, cedarwood, lavender essential oils and lots of love.

Check out my other portable remedies and build your own aromatherapy wellness toolkit.

You'll receive one 10 ml recycled glass roll on bottle of aromatherapy remedy.

Make sure to shake well to disperse the goodness of the essential oils. Apply as needed through out the day.

Store in a cool, dark place and keep your bottle tightly capped.

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gmo free, no animal testing, gluten free, paraben free
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