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Organic White Sage Wildcrafted Smudge Bundle

Organic White Sage Wildcrafted Smudge Bundle


Introducing our Organic Wildcrafted White Sage Bundle, a powerful tool for cleansing, purification, and spiritual practice. Harvested with care and respect from the wild landscapes of California, each bundle is hand-tied and carefully dried to preserve the potent energy and aromatic properties of this sacred plant.

White Sage, also known as Salvia apiana, has been used for thousands of years by Native American tribes for its ability to clear negative energy, promote spiritual purification, and create a sacred space for healing and ceremony. The fragrant smoke released when burning White Sage is believed to carry prayers and intentions to the divine, fostering a deeper connection to the spiritual realm.

Our White Sage bundles are approximately 4-5 inches in length and 1-1.5inches in diameter, providing ample material for multiple smudging sessions. The soft, silvery-green leaves are carefully bundled and tied with natural twine, creating a beautiful and authentic smudging tool that honors the ancient traditions of Native American cultures.

To use your White Sage bundle, follow these simple steps:

1. Find a heatproof bowl or abalone shell to catch any falling embers during the smudging process.

2. Open a window or door to allow the negative energy and smoke to disperse.

3. Light one end of the sage bundle using a lighter or candle, allowing it to burn for 30-60 seconds. Gently blow out the flame, letting the bundle smolder and release its fragrant smoke.

4. Hold the smoldering bundle and gently wave the smoke around your body, starting from your feet and moving upward. Focus on areas where you feel negative energy or blockages, such as your chest, head, and aura.

5. Move through your space, wafting the smoke into corners, doorways, and any areas where you wish to clear stagnant or negative energy. You can also use the smoke to cleanse crystals, ritual tools, or objects that may carry unwanted energies.

6. When finished, gently press the smoldering end of the bundle into the heatproof bowl or abalone shell to extinguish it. Store your White Sage bundle in a dry, cool place until your next smudging session.

Experience the ancient wisdom and transformative power of White Sage with our Organic Wildcrafted White Sage Bundle. Whether you're seeking to create a sacred space for meditation and self-reflection, or wish to clear negative energy from your home or workplace, our premium White Sage bundle offers a pure, authentic, and sustainably harvested tool for your spiritual practice. Embrace the cleansing essence of this revered plant and connect with the timeless traditions of Native American spirituality.

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