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An Organic Vegan Aromatherapy and Herbal Collection 
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Customer Testimonials

"It's amazing how wonderful everything smells! And to think, it's good for me, too!"  -Lee S.

Rebecca is so helpful and I picked up her book and highly recommend it! It's an easy to follow quick guide for SAFE use of Essential oils. Plus everything is made with love, so how can you go wrong?

-Rachel W.

"I didn't know a lot about aromatherapy until I talked with Rebecca, and now I'm a believer!  I have switched all my products to twig leaf flower and other natural items." - Hope S.

I'm obsessed with all of Rebecca's essential oils but my favorite is the Meditation scent. That oil has really pulled me through some trying times... and for that, I'm forever grateful! Also, her bath fizzes are amazing! My skin feels super soft when I'm done and the scent lasts on my skin unlike others I've tried.

-Caity W.

"I love the product!! I love the lip balm and the bath soak. I feel rejuvenated after using the soak.  Thank you!"  -Holly B.

L O V E. It's listed as the final ingredient in the highly effective, delightfully relaxing organic aromatherapy Meditation inhaler I picked up from Twig, Leaf, Flower. But, if I had to guess, it's the FIRST ingredient that the amazingly talented Rebecca uses in her goddess-inspired creations. Go! Don't wait, go and find a wonderful treat for YOU

-Tricia C.

"I NEED more bath soak!  I use it every night to wind down and have used almost the whole bottle.  Next time I'm ordering 3 so I don't run out"  -Shirley N.

Wonderful! I stopped in Ye Olde Clock Shoppe after watching a segment on WNEP'S Home and Backyard, featuring Twig Leaf Flower. I have been addicted to bath soaks ever since. The products are great and the scents are divine! Becki is a aromatherapist and herbalist and can answer any questions you may have.

- Lisa A.

"I love the sugar scrubs your skin is so soft after using it . Also the lip balm is amazing my lips have never been so soft and young looking. Love your products." -Mary S.

"Love this brand! The lip balm is my favorite!! Wonderful scents and perfect gifts for anyone!" -Lauren G.