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How do I clean my diffuser?

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Unplug and Empty Your Diffuser

First, unplug your diffuser.  There will be steps that you’ll need to plug it back in, but be sure to start with it unplugged.  Try to clean your diffuser once it’s naturally run out of oil, so that as little oil as possible goes to waste.

Fill Your Diffuser With Clean Water

Try to use filtered water for this step, tap water will work fine in a pinch. Be careful not to fill your diffuser past the fill line, as doing so can affect your diffuser’s ability to cycle the liquid properly.

Add White Vinegar to the Water

Next, add ten drops of white vinegar to the water in your diffuser.  The vinegar is necessary to get rid of any lingering oil and deposits that are stuck to the walls.

Plug in Your Diffuser and Let It Run For Five Minutes

The cleaning solution you just made needs to be run through your diffuser.  Once the five minutes are up, empty your diffuser out into your sink.

Scrub or Cotton Swab Tight Spots

If your diffuser came with a cleaning brush, get it ready.  If not, a cotton swab works super well.  Either way, dip your cleaning tool in vinegar and clean the crevices and corners thoroughly.  Dry your diffuser completely before moving on to the next step.

Just Another Step…

You’re almost finished! Fill your diffuser with clean water again and let the diffuser run for three minutes.  Empty it and dry it completely.  You may need to use cotton swabs to get in the nooks and crannies.  Allow your diffuser to air dry before diffusing your favorite oils.  That’s all!  I clean my diffuser once a week to make sure I get the most benefits from my essential oils.

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