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Importance of Purity in Essential Oils

One of the biggest issues we face as

Aromatherapists and consumers is obtaining pure, organic essential oils. True essential oils are distilled from plants, which is laborious and often an expensive process.  With the popularity of aromatherapy, there are many companies that are bottling essential oils, but are adding synthetics and fillers to the oils to dilute them.  Unfortunately, these adulterated oils will not be beneficial for aromatherapeutic use, as the body recognizes the chemical components as toxic and disposes of them.   As a long time aromatherapist and herbalist, quality organic oils are paramount to me.  I harness the power of the oils for the healing effect they have on the mind, body and spirit, not just for the fragrance they emit.  You can rest assured that twig leaf flower’s products are all made with the finest organic essential oils, offering maximum holistic benefits.   Please visit 

twig leaf flower for more information.

twig leaf flower is an organic vegan aromatherapy company founded in Dallas, PA.  I’m passionate about aromatherapy and herbalism and can’t wait for you to see the amazing difference truly natural products will make in your life. I offer a variety of holistic items including lotions, bath soaks, lip balms and diffusion blends, along with collections devoted to children and pets.  I’m always adding new blends and I’m sure you’ll find something you’ll love. If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact me personally


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