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Allergy Relief

Bottle of mint essential oil on wooden background with selective focus.

Did you know that essential oils can offer natural relief from allergy symptoms? They  help reduce inflammation, which is the cause of most of the severe allergic responses, they can help bolster your immune system making your body less vulnerable to allergy triggers and they can block the allergens from entering your home and your body in the first place. What more can you ask for?

Here are a few essential oils I rely on during allergy season:

Lemon Essential Oil helps with lymphatic drainage and helps soothe respiratory conditions.

Peppermint Essential Oil works as a relaxant and will help clear your sinuses.

Lavender Essential Oil is a powerful anti-inflammatory and also a natural antihistamine.  So it can strengthen your body against allergens and reduce many of the painful symptoms of your allergies.  A drop of Lavender oil applied to the skin can also help treat rashes and hives that can appear from skin allergies.

Try a diffusion blend or a blended roll on remedy and see the amazing difference nature can do for you before you run to the pharmacy for a pill.

If you’d like more information or to purchase an organic aromatherapy Allergy Relief Blend, please visit the link below.


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