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Smudging with Essential Oils

What is smudging? It’s a Native American tradition that dispels bad energy from spaces or people. Usually, dried herbs are burned in the ritual. The idea is that the sage or other cleansing herb cleanses the space of negativity and the smoke carries it away. Some people are sensitive to the smoke the burning herb creates or it’s just not possible to perform a traditional smudge ceremony in the area that needs attention. So, I got to work blending essential oils like sage, cedar wood and Palo Santo to create an aromatherapy alternative. My Smudge blend has quickly become my most popular synergy. It’s available in diffusion, roll on, mist and even a little travel kit for hotel rooms or visits with family. While sometimes you can’t cleanse the world of negativity, you can most certainly use Smudge Blend yourself to keep everything positive and aligned in just a few steps.

Here’s how to do it. Start by setting your intention. While holding your intention in your mind and in your heart, lightly mist Smudge Spray above your head and in you immediate surroundings. Picture the negativity evaporate as the mist mixes with the air. Inhale the scent of your roll on and apply it to your inside wrists, behind your ears and the bottoms of your feet if necessary. Envision yourself surrounded by white light and exhale a deep breath and all the uneasy vibes with it. Carry that feeling of openness with you throughout your day. If you need a reset, simply reapply your roll on and repeat your intention to yourself.

Another simple aromatherapy smudge technique is to set your intention, place a few drops of Smudge Essential Oil blend in your diffuser and sit quietly in meditation for a few minutes. As you breathe in, picture yourself inhaling love and peace and visualize yourself releasing any negativity as you exhale.

I hope these techniques help create a bit of balance in your day. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out.

twig leaf flower is an organic vegan gluten free aromatherapy and herbal tea collection lovingly handmade in Dallas, PA by master herbalist and clinical aromatherapist Rebecca Nicely.


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